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my computer crashed a week ago, it refused to startup, so I couldn't back anything up.*sighs*(if you didnt know already..)
I lost some icons..oh wells.I might do icon requests later...since I lost a ton of smexy pictures, I don;t have anything to icon.>___< we'll see.
on a unreleated note, i am addicted to Wang LeeHom's 春雨裡洗過的太陽/Chun Yu Li Xi Guo De Tai Yang/Spring Rain Washed Sun

[MIXTAPE/ALBUM]Distraction(Best of 2008-Various Artists

[MIXTAPE/ALBUM]Distraction(Best of 2008-Various Artists
Release Date:2008
Genre:Classical/New-Age/Hip Hop/Pop
Selected+Compiled by
Dedicated to (kyoakuhan Secret Santa Project 2008)
01. Ashita e no Sanka ~Orchestra Version~-alan
02. Departure feat. AK-69-ARIA
03. Fly Boy (Peullai Boi)-Crown J
04. Mia-IU
05. Piece of Love-Jade Valerie
06. Daydream-MAY'S
07. Never Goodbye-melody.
08. Xin Ge Shi Chang-Nicholas Teo
09. Cang Tian(Heaven)-Nicky Lee
10. The Hymn of All Creations-Taro Hakase
11. Angus Dei-Noella
14. Lonely Compartment-Judy Chou
12. Show Man-Peter Hyun
13. Queen Bee-Sun Ha
15. Thousand Hand Goon Yam-Kelvin Kwan

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File split into 2 because it was over 100mb.
track01-08: download tracks 01-08.
track09-15: download tracks 09-15.
File split into 2 because it was over 100mb.
track01-08: download tracks 01-08.
track 08-15: download tracks 09-15.

[MUSIC][SINGLE]원더보이(Wonder Boy) - First (Single)

[SINGLE]원더보이(Wonder Boy)- First (Single)
Release Date: November 3rd,2008

01. Suicide Love (수어사이드 러브) (feat. Y.I.E)
download/stream via 4shared.

I was intriqued with the artist's name actually, no it ISN'T Wonder BoyS nor is this a boy version of Wonder Girls, apparently he is a solo artist. I really like this single though(despite the fact I am usually not a ballad-lover), too bad theres only one song. Like the song title suggests, it seems to be a bit on the emotional side with deep vocals, and theres this slightly odd rapping(sounds slightly like the chipmunks, which doesn't ruin the song actually, its pretty interesting).I really like the female vocals as well, she has a good strong high vocal range, I wonder who she is(is she Y.I.E?whoever that is..or is Y.I.E. the rapper?).Sometimes the rapping gets in the way with the song though, and THERE'S A TOTAL "twinkle sound" ABUSE..I keep hearing it like every 20seconds, and it gets annoying.But theres something about the "echo" of the vocals that make you shiver, and the guitar with the perfect addition of strings that make this song love.-RECOMMENDED.

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